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Youth Club's Boyz 2 Men Trip - April 2018

The ICCI youth department organised the "Boyz 2 Men II" trip for Boys 14 – 17 years of age in Green Hill YMCA Northern Ireland from the 1st to the 3rd of April.

School-Free time, great activities, bonding, brotherhood, awesome Bouldering, Freestyler Jumps in the deep water and unforgettable memories.

This years trip was a continuation from last year's, for the developing of character, enriching the soul and opening the horizon for the next stage of the boys’ lives.

The venue provided the boys with the perfect mix for character building and modern comforts.

It was great trip and the boys experienced real life adventure. As always, all activities had a strong Islamic thread running through. While there were lots of physical activities, such as rope climbing, Bouldering, Green Hill Challenge, competitions and various Islamic activities.

Our special guest Ibrahim Halawa also shared with us his own experience and valuable lessons from his teenage life away from his family and friends.

The theme of manhood and working together, was ever present.

"That was a great trip" said some. We say, Yes it was for now, because there will be more, bigger and bolder adventures to come, insha'Allah.

All in all...a great trip!