Boys update: Bray Head Loop Hike

6 Jan 2022

The title: “Discovering Allah’s Beautiful Creation” led us to discover another beautiful place in Ireland, a place not far away from Dublin. 

Bray Head is just outside the seaside town of Bray, itself just a short drive south of Dublin. It juts out partially into the Irish Sea, and the view from the top offers incredible panoramas, taking in blue sea, the urban sprawl of Dublin, and the mountains of Wicklow.

The Bray Head Loop was a lovely experience to get out into the wild and soak up some beautiful coastal views.  

We enjoyed the walk, the sceneries, clean air and beautiful sky, wild animals, historic sites, snacks breaks and more in this glorious day and place. 

It was great experience for all alhamdulaillah.

Look out for the next adventure Insha-Allah

~ Zahri