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Assallamu alaikum, 

May Allah grant us all a blessed Ramadan. Ameen. We will be apart again this year, but the ICCI departments and the Nurul Huda Qur'anic School have oraganised some prgrammes that will bring us together online, as a community and as a family, during this blessed month. Insha'Allah.

Dawah Department:

1-    A daily recorded reminder, under the title “I am truly one of those who submit”. 8pm daily.

موعظة يومية تحت عنوان: إنني من المسلمين  (نصف ساعة قبل المغرب)

2-    A live session every Saturday: “Questions and Answers”, at 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

حلقة إذاعة مباشرة: ( سؤال وجواب) كل سبت من السادسة إلى السابعة مساء 

3-    A live session every Wednesday: “The Fiqh rules of Fasting”, at 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

حلقة إذاعة مباشرة: (أحكام فقه الصيام) كل أربعاء من السادسة إلى السابعة مساء

4-    A Daily Hadith on Instagram/Facebook Stories.

حديث يومي 


Community Welfare Department:

The community welfare department has organised a women's online gathering after Asr, from Monday to Friday for a period of 30 mins. This will involve guest sisters from Ireland and around the world who will share a short Iman boosting reminders InshaAllah:

·10 mins relating a hadith that has impacted her life

·10 mins speaking about her practices in Ramadan (cultural or otherwise)

·10 mins social interaction with sisters who have questions

Email: for the zoom link.

Youth department:

1.  Boys 15-19years:   Daily meetings over Zoom:  Starts every day after salatul Asr around 5:20pm.

2.  Boys 12-15year:      Every Saturday and Sunday 3:00pm-4:00pm

The programme will feature: Ramadan Quran Challenge | Islamic Reminders | Flashback Memory Lane | Charity Challenges | Ramadan Home Vlog | Practical Dawah Training | ZOOM Meetings | Virtual Iftars & Snacks time | The Quran – Concise look | Breakout Rooms Team Games | Kahoot Quizzes and more…

To register your sons please email Br Zahri on:  or Tel:0892559416 

The girls programme will run three days a week. The program will feature: Ramadan Quran Challenge | Islamic Reminders | Flashback Memory Lane | Charity Challenges | | ZOOM Meetings | Virtual Iftars & Snack time | The Quran – Concise look | Breakout Rooms | Team Games |  Quizzes etc

The days and times for the girls are as follows:

  1. Ages: 9 - 12 Wednesdays 6-7pm Sundays 6-7pm 
  2.  Ages: 13 - 18 Sundays 2 - 3pm, InshaAllah.

To register your daughters please email Sr Amilah on: or Tel: 0860651387 (whatsapp messages only)

Nurul Huda Qur'anic School:

1.   Daily recitation program     تلاوة يومية (ختمة كاملة)

For more details:

2.   Sheikh Hamdan's Quran Competition   مسابقة القرآن

For more details:

3.   Tajweed Course (Beginners)   دورة في التجويد (للمبتدئين)

For more details:

4.   Tajweed Course (Advanced)  دورة في التجويد (للمتقدمين)

For more details:


ICCI Al Rahman Mosque - Portlaoise

RAMADAN SPECIAL - Daily 7pm/8pm

Friday: Youth Talks : live zoom meetings                                                    

Saturday: Seera  in Arabic

Sunday: Quran halaqa           

Monday: Dhikr  session        

Tuesday: Quran explained ( Ayah by Ayah)               

Wednesday: How to connect better to Allah. 

Thursday: How to connect better to Allah

We hope you can all join us and reap the blessings of this very special month. Ameen

Stay safe everyone.